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tosti of the week:

For this Tosti you will need:

- White Bread (2 slices per tosti)

- BBQ Sauce (get a tasty one!)

- Prosciutto Ham (3 slices per tosti)

- Tomatos (1 tomato per tosti)

- Cheese (+-20gr per tosti)

- Garlic

- Butter

- Cooking strings / rope

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Mexican spicy bbq style

Spread some bbq sauce on 1 side of both slices of bread. Put the Prosciutto ham on top of the BBQ sauce and cover it up with cheese. Now thinly slice a tomato and put the slices on top fo the cheese. Cover with the second slice of bread.

Crosstie wrap the cooking strings around the Tosti. Now just spread some butter on both sides of the tosti, scrub a toe of garlic on the bread and you are good to go!







Put the Tosti on the BBQ, toast it for about 2 minutes on each side.


This Tosti should be toasted on the BBQ for the best flavor but of course you can also grill it. We suggest using this recipe on the BBQ though! You won't be disappointed!

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